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The helmet


Helmet shell material

  • Consisting of up to 18 layers of carbon fiber of the type Toray1000 (which is also used in constructing rockets and aeroplanes) and carbon aramid hybrid fiber
  • Forehead area reinforced compared to the predecessor model RF1
  • Compressed and hardened in an autoclave
  • Visor polycarbonate, approx. 4 mm, bullet-proof in accordance with the FIA Guideline


  • 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of fresh air per second at 100 km/h
  • 10 air inlets (6x head; 2x chin; 2x visor)
  • 6 air outlets


  • High-performance aerodynamics through research in the company's own wind tunnel
  • No uplift thanks to optimisation of the internal and external design
  • Lining and chinstrap made of flame-resistant Kevlar® and Nomex® visor lock
  • 2-stage one-way lock
  • Centrally positioned retention system gives symmetrical, even closure
  • Break-proof special plastic


Fastener system

  • Race-proven D-Ring retention fastener system with chinstrap made of flame-resistant aramid fiber

Items supplied

  • Standard visor (unmirrored) - Visor clear
  • Tinted visor (60 % tint level) - Visor medium
  • Dark visor (80 % tint level) - Visor dark
  • Tear offs
  • Helmet bag

Test method


Test standard for helmet:

  • Certified in accordance with the applicable FIA Standard – makes extreme demands with respect to the protective effect of the helmet
  • Helmet: FIA Standard 8860-2004 / Snell SA/2005
  • H.A.N.S. System: FIA Standard 8858-2002

Your own SF1

The SF1 Auto Racing helmet is now available for special purchase in North America. Contact us today for more information and to arrange your personalized fitment consultation.



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Racing Speed Performance

Schuberth has been developing ground-breaking helmets for Formula 1 since 2000. Punctually at the start of the 2011 season we are presenting the new SF1 carbon helmet, the latest generation of the Formula 1 helmet. Compared to its predecessor RF1, the new SF1 has a reinforced forehead area, optimised ventilation with perfect "air flow" and a new quick release system to enable the HANS straps to be changed more rapidly. According to a new FIA regulation, a new 50 millimetre wide reinforced panel can also be employed which is designed to provide added protection for the visor and forehead area.


The passion of motor sport

The passion of motor sport

Every helmet is unique.

Schuberth Drivers

Schuberth Drivers

5 drivers, 3 teams, over 60 victories.



The Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes GP rely on Schuberth.

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