Our masterpiece

Our masterpiece

The super racing helmet SR1 - developed with record world champion Michael Schumacher.

Technical skill and precision

Technical skill and precision

From the first draft to the finished helmet Most stringent requirements for your safety.




Mobility Program


Schuberth Mobility Program

Welcome to the Schuberth Mobility Program

You have made an excellent choice to register your helmet for the Schuberth Mobility Program. This free "helmet insurance policy" offers you the opportunity to replace a Schuberth DOT/ECE C3, C3W, C3 Pro, C3 Pro Women, S2 or SR1 that has been damaged in an accident with a new one of the same model at just 1/3 of the retail price. Now you won’t have to pass up the superior quality offered by a Schuberth helmet that meets the highest requirements for safety and performance on the road by replacing a damaged helmet with a cheap substitute. (Note: The Mobility Program does not apply to helmets that are damaged from track or racing use)

Mobility Program registration will also enroll you in the free 3-Year Service Plan.


Mobility Program Requirements

All Schuberth customers in U.S.A. and Canada who have purchased a new Schuberth DOT compliant helmet (models: C3, C3W, S2 only) as the first owner from an authorized Schuberth dealer and registered it can take part in the Program. The offer is good within one year of an accident (during the first 3 years of helmet ownership) for customers who have pre-registered for the Mobility Program.

Schuberth's highest priority is the safety of the motorcycle rider. We want to make sure our customers always wear the best protection available and don’t replace a damaged Schuberth helmet with a cheap substitute. 

In order to qualify for the Mobility Program, you must pre-register by filling out this online form. 

To replace a crash-damaged DOT/ECE C3, C3W, or S2 helmet with a new one for 1/3 of the current retail price, please begin by contacting our North American Service Center. 

You will be required to present the following documents and along with the damaged helmet:

• Proof of pre-registration (certificate will be emailed upon registration)
• Driver’s License (must have motorcycle endorsement)
• A police accident report
• Sales receipt for the original Schuberth helmet purchase

Please Note

If the helmet model, color or graphic is no longer part of the Schuberth range, your dealer may substitute a comparable Schuberth model.


If your documents are incomplete or incorrect, or you do not relinquish the original (damaged) helmet, you will not be eligible for a replacement helmet.


Click here to register for your Schuberth Mobility Program


Claim on warranty

Click here to file a warranty claim on your helmet