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In terms of both impact protection and ballistic protection Schuberth sets the global benchmark for law enforcement helmets, outfitting many police forces with customized head protection systems and anti-riot crowd control helmets.

Schuberth is working with Law Enforcement agencies in North America to provide customized C3 helmets for Motor Officers, and the P100F crowd control helmet which offers protection from impact, penetration, gas, and fire.

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P100 Crowd Control Helmet


Protects against: impact - penetration - chemicals - flame


Schuberth has specialized in producing state-of-the-art head protection systems for almost 90 years. The new P100 Crowd Control Helmet protects against blunt force, penetration, chemical, fire and ballistic/fragmentation threats; offering the highest level protection available for violent situations.


Schuberth engineers have spent decades following trends in crowd violence, quickly adding innovations to helmets to keep law enforcement officers protected against all known potential attacks. The P100 is already in use by police and military forces around the globe, and we are proud to offer the pinnacle of head protection in North America.


- Multi-layer flame-resistant aramid outer shell material and a self-extinguishing lacquer structure

- Stab-resistant neck protector made of flame resistant PU/Kevlar® fabric

- Special EPS inner shell for optimized shock absorption properties

- Flame-resistant, anti-bacterial Nomex® inner liner. Removable and suitable for cleaning.

- 3-point Nomex® chinstrap with ratcheting micro-lock closure

- Clear, 4mm shatter-resistant polycarbonate visor with anti-fog coating and fire-resistant visor seal


3 shell sizes for optimal fit

Size 1 (46 to 53): 3lb 5 oz. (1450g)

Size 2 (54 to 61): 3lb 12 oz. (1690g)

Size 3 (62 to 67): 4lb 2 oz. (1882g)


Optional add-ons:

- Clear, flame-retardant, shock-resistant mandible (chin and mouth) shield (Patent Pending)

- Visor Lock for locking the face shield in place

- Pin Lock® anti-fog visors

- 60% tinted smoke 4mm shatter-resistant polycarbonate visor with fire-resistant visor seal.

C3 Motorcycle Officer Helmet


- Lightest Flip-up Helmet

- Extremely Quiet at <84db (65 mph)

- Wind-tunnel optimized aerodynamics and ventilation

- Integrated Sun Visor

- Pinlock® anti-fog shield

- Easy installation of department communication system




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Please contact us directly for more information on our law enforcement products. Please note that these products are intended for use by public organizations exclusively and any requests will be screened and verified to be from a valid public agency.

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